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New music, with new perspective. Listen to interviews from all different kinds of people and genres.




On one of the hottest days of the year, sat in the shade of the Shoreditch band stand in London, Doug sat down with Peter and Simon, to chat about their band Francobollo.

Doug sat down in the top of the Old Church St Pancras London with Jordan Mackampa to chat history music, jeans and the future.

Jordan Mackampa


Last week I caught up with XamVolo and chatted influences and what he has been listening to.

Doug caught up with Roosevelt before his gig in Pairs a few weeks ago. They sat next to a windy canal and chatted music.


Alfa Mist

We caught up with Alfa Mist in a noisy cafe to chat about collaborations, the jubilee line and his new project 2nd exit.

On Eclectic Electric 15 we caught up with Tay Salem before he goes to RBMA in Montreal this summer.

Tay Salem


On EE 13, we caught up with Formation to chat about what its like to be a new band at such a big festival and their up coming tour.

Eclectic electric number 10 brings you a backstage interview with the band Her. We chatted about what its like to write and play in a different language and country and plans for the future.


Sam Young aka Vanilla Ace

On EE 9 I sat down in the show garden with Vanilla Ace, to chat about everything from George Clooney DJing to Vanilla Ace touring and growing a global house brand

On Sundays show, i caught up with Carmody and chatted to her about her new EP, writing and Craig or Kanye.



On Eclectic Electric Show 21 I chatted to Tender in a pub in North London about their roots and plans for the future.

Doug spoke to George Cosby on EE radio 25 after he had played a fantastic show at the Moth club in Hackney London. They spoke favorite words, inspirations and plans for the future.

George Cosby

Kan Wakan X Saigo

Doug sat down with Kan Wakan and Saigo in a pub in London to discuss Kan’s new album Phantasmagoria.

Doug and Sam met Anna Straker overlooking east London to chat about her brand new EP, recent gigs and whats next.

Anna Straker

French Horn Rebellion

We sat down with Robert in his studio in New York and chatted about the difference in America and Europe,
why music is bringing people closer together and when they should start an artist commune in Pablo Escobar’s house.

When Doug was in New York, he caught up with Violet Sands to discuss the ingredients you need to be a successful New York Band.

Violet Sands

Ten FĂ©

Doug sat down with Ten FĂ© to discuss why releasing your debut album is like passing your driving test,
why there is a smell of cheese in their studio and general band activities.

On Eclectic Electric we spoke to Banditsu about his fashionable beginnings,
why traveling is so important as an artist and the future.


Alice Jemima

We caught up with Alice Jemima ahead of the release of her album and the beginning of her tour to chat her musical roots, Women in music and plans for the future.