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Future Music Radio. Live Events. Music Publishing. Welcome to Our World.



Eclectic Electric is a music collective showcasing the best in breaking music from around the world. With a diverse mix of music from alternative, new wave, indie to electronic. Comprised of a weekly radio show, a podcast focusing on interviewing artists of the future and monthly live event at the world famous Metropolis Studios.


Radio show.
Each week Eclectic Electric delivers an online radio show available on Soundcloud and ITunes, with fourteen new tracks from fourteen new artists. Hosted by Doug Marshall the show gives a lighthearted approachable insight into the world of future music. With features such as Treat Of The Week and Future Classic album of the month, the show is filled interviews from artists and people surrounding the industry to opinions and thoughts on the music at hand and recent events. The show also features highlights from our live showcase event at Metropolis Studios, Metropolis Rising, giving a first hand experience into the world of breaking new music.
Live Events.
Metropolis Rising is a monthly event hosted by Eclectic Electric at the world famous Metropolis Studios in London. The building has recorded some of the greatest albums of modern music, from Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse to David Bowie, Lauryn Hill and Queen the studios is the perfect venue to discover the next breaking new artist of the 21st century. With three to four acts performing to an exclusively invited audience of professionals from the industry, Eclectic Electric showcases the diverse range of genres and incredible new talent within the new music collective. Each month people are selectively invited to a secret line up of some of the best breaking artists from around the world. For more information on how to get an invitation to the events, highlights from previous nights and the insight into who might be on the next line up, listen to the most recent show.

Meet The Team


A Team with a background of Music, Live Events and Radio. Over the years, they have each seen professional success from playing alongside some of the greatest artists in the world to building collections of music and chew toys. 


Doug Marshall has been a successful DJ and tastemaker, working with international clients such as Warner Music, Audi, DSquared, MTV, Ciroc and GQ.
The curator and voice of Eclectic Electric, Doug has been working on creating a global collective of like minded people. If you see him out and about, be prepared for a very long but funny conversation.


Dan Browne is an experienced London DJ, found mostly playing at institutions such as Abbey Road Studios. He is also a founder of the successful creative music agency Disque, supplying the most talked about musical talent to an international network. As co presenter on the radio show, he brings a wise point of view and is quick to run for milky coffees for executive producer, Blue. If you see him on the decks, approach with caution.


Executive Producer Blue is a Whippet by breed, but certainly not by nature. One of the first industry heads to shine a light on the UK Garage scene, he has been sniffing out talent since an early age. His harsh line of communication and quick wit, provide a professional edge and legal loophole. If seen out and about, he is an extremely approachable character, unless you are a squirrel.